Ash River Kabetogama Snowdrifters


The Ash River-Kabetogama Snowdrifters were incorporated as a 501c(4) organization in November 1999 with
purposes of charity, recreation and education. Our club dues are $15 for single and $25 for family.
Membership in MNUSA is an additional $20. MNUSA accomplishes a lot for snowmobiling.
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Voyageur Trail Society Inc. (VTSI) originated as a tourism marketing organization. In 1999 they took over the area’s
grooming and trails. Any member of an area club can participate in VTSI. The trails open on December 1st and
volunteers for the VTSI trail clearing are greatly appreciated.


Ron Travis, Littlefork; President Billy Fisher, Int'l Falls; Vice President Sheri Vertina, Ericsburg; Secretary/Treasurer

Board Members - Lee Konen, Kabetogama Deb Sanders, Ash River Tina Birnie, Ericsburg Mindy Glennie, Ash River


A raffle has been held each year. To date, proceeds from them and other fund raising efforts have been donated to:

Kab 1st Responders, Kab Lake Assoc., Int'l Falls Boaters Assoc., Ash River Commercial Club, Orr Girl Scouts, Kab Methodist Church, Angel Tree, Borderland Humane Society, Orr School Playground Fund, VTSI

Over $16,000.00 has been donated to these causes.

Snowdrifters past President Arlan Gunnerson (L) and Sec./Treas. Sheri Vertina (R)
present a check to the Kabetogama 1st Responders member Ellen Hart.
The Snowdrifters donated $2000 to the 1st Responders
to be used toward a new snowmobile for pulling a rescue sled.


We sponsor the President’s Weekend Ash River Radar Run. Some of the activities we’ve had are picnics, camping trips, Winter Olympics, bowling, Christmas parties, scavenger hunts, rubber ducky regattas, boat trips and Member Appreciation Night.


Arlan Gunnerson, Ron Travis & Paul Kiner are certified as Youth Safety Instructors. A class is held each winter.

Four $500 scholarships have been awarded.


The club has 7 miles of the Kabetogama road in the Adopt a Highway program.

We hosted the MNUSA Region 2 Annual Dinner Meeting in 2004.

Sheri Vertina, our Secretary/Treasurer is a MNUSA Region 2 Representative


Tell us what you think about our trails, our organization, our web site or anything
else that comes to mind. We welcome all of your comments and suggestions.
If you would like to become a club member or business sponsor, please e-mail us also.


Snail Mail - Box 255, Kabetogama, MN 56669



Who needs safety training?

Minnesota law requires anyone born after Dec. 31, 1976 to be safety certified
in order to legally drive a snowmobile. Youth age 12-16 are required to take the 10-hour
Youth Snowmobile Safety Certification course, whereas those 16 and older can take
the new four-hour Young Adult/Adult class.

The Ash River/Kabetogama Snowdrifters now have 3 Certified Youth Safety Instructors;
Arlan Gunnerson, ARKS President Ron Travis & Paul Kiner.


The Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association (MnUSA), the state's largest snowmobiling
organization, reminds operators of the nearly 298,000 licensed snowmobiles in Minnesota
to keep safety and responsibility top-of-mind as they head to the trails this snowmobile season.
"Our top priority is safe snowmobiling and we're very pleased to see that Minnesota snowmobilers
continue to make safety a priority on the trails by taking safety courses and practicing safe
and responsible snowmobiling," said Bob Linn, MnUSA's president.


In addition to recommending the safety certification classes, MnUSA offers the following
advice for snowmobilers as they head back to the trails this season.

Ride Straight - no alcohol or drugs · even a small amount of alcohol can impair judgment
and response time significantly · drugs can impair judgment and response time

Know the trail or terrain and ride for the conditions · many accidents involve hitting a fixed
object, fence, tree, rock or other objects · hidden objects on lakes hit at high speeds can
result in serious accidents · riding on frozen lakes is especially dangerous early or late in the season

Slow it down, especially at night · maximum speed allowed on public land, frozen waters,
roadside ditches and groomed trails in Minnesota is 50 mph or what is reasonable and
prudent for conditions or as posted · at night, speeds should be slower because of reduced visibility
At 50 mph, riders need a football field - or 300 feet - to come to a complete stop
· don't ride too closely - maintain space between snowmobiles to avoid collisions

Stay on marked snowmobile trails · marked trails offer signs that alert snowmobilers to
trail changes, stops, curves, etc. · respect private property and stay on marked
snowmobile trails - objects may be hidden under the snow off marked snowmobile trails

Events & Stuff


Get your boots and gloves and help make Kabetogama a lovely place to be!
April 26th thru May 3rd. Bags and vests available at Gateway Store


Saturday, May 3rd - Ash Trail Lodge - 7 pm


The State Association Campout is July 11-13 at the St. Croix Haven Campground. More than 10 club members have expressed interest in helping. To assure members don’t get nixed out by possible no-shows, you need to pay the $35 Registration Fee and then will be reimbursed after attending & helping at the Event. Four slots have already been paid for.

A variety of new clothing with embroidered logos will be arriving shortly: Henley’s, Hooded & Crew Neck Sweatshirts, Women’s & Men’s T-shirts, Visors, Stocking Hats & Beanies. Prices are not available yet. Remember to ask for the club member discount.